USA Cycling just announced some important changes to cyclo-cross and road license upgrades for 2013. These upgrade changes will allow riders to carry over upgrade points from year to year instead of having them expire after a 12 month period. The information below was sent out by USA Cycling and covers the rule changes for 2013.

Beginning in 2013, USA Cycling will enact the following changes as it relates to upgrades to road and cyclo-cross licenses.

Cyclo-cross upgrades

The Cyclo-cross upgrade section was rewritten to more closely match the road. There are two ways to upgrade, voluntary and mandatory. The number of points is now given for each of the mandatory upgrades. Please note that junior women are exempt from a mandatory upgrade to Category 2

Cyclo-cross riders must upgrade from Category 4 to Category 3 after either competing in 10 qualifying races or accruing 10 points.

Category 3 riders may upgrade to Category 2 with 10 points. Amassing 15 points or two wins in a field of at least 30 competitors is a mandatory upgrade.

Category 2 riders may upgrade to Category 1 voluntarily with 20 points. Category 2 riders receive a mandatory upgrade after amassing either 25 points or two wins in a field of at least 40 competitors.

Road Upgrades

The 12-month window for accruing points for road upgrades has been removed for all categories. This rule goes into effect in 2013, so 2012 points will roll forward into 2013. However, this will not be used retroactively to years prior to 2012. Juniors are no longer forced to upgrade to either Category 2 or Category 1, even if they have accrued the mandatory upgrade points. They may upgrade if they choose, but such an upgrade will not be forced.

There are four ways a rider can upgrade from Category 4 to Category 3. A rider can accumulate 20 points, compete in 25 qualifying races with at least 10 top-10 finishes in fields of at least 30 riders or 20 pack finishes in fields of at least 50 riders. The fourth way a rider can upgrade would be to amass 30 points in a 12-month period for a mandatory upgrade.

For Category 3 to 2 road upgrades, riders must accrue 30 points instead of 25. 40 points in a 12-month period is still a mandatory upgrade.

For Category 2 to 1 road upgrades, riders may upgrade once they have accrued 35 points. 50 points in a 12 month period is a mandatory upgrade. Note that only 10 points from training series or masters’ races may be used for upgrading.

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