The City of Independence Plans Major Industrial Development Along One of the City’s Most Active Corridors for Cycling, Walking, Kayaking, and Recreation

Residents collecting signatures against development

The Little Blue Valley in Independence, Missouri has become a recreational corridor through the area. It has served as a rare, forward thinking addition to the city, devoid of many recreational opportunities. Biking, walking, running, and kayaking along the Little Blue River are all popular activities. The City of Independence has updated their plans for the area to expand heavy industry in the valley and they are planning on moving part of the trail, forcing riders to leave the trail for the roadway. This is after money was spent routing the trail under the bridge on 78 to avoid the trail crossing the roadway. Bicyclists and others who love to utilize the roadway, multi-use trail, or Little Blue Trace Trail need to speak up to save the recreation and beauty of the Little Blue Valley; the Northpoint project will turn it into a warehouse and truck route.

The area hosts huge numbers of riders throughout the week and is home to some of the largest charity rides in the area. Riders have spent, and continue to spend, a lot of money at area restaurants, gas stations, and other retail establishments as they participate in large groups rides several times a week from that area and usually stay around to eat and drink after the rides. This is all in danger with this new development plan. 

Plan Drawbacks

-There is a lot of local wildlife in the area with Bald Eagles finally nesting in the area again. Local environmental impacts could have a wide range of consequences.

-Increasing day and night truck traffic as the warehouses fill will create a lot of heavy traffic, pollution, and safety issues for those utilizing the area.

-Warehouses are empty until leased with no knowledge of what they will hold until they are rented.

-This is a rare recreational jewel in Independence and should not be lost.

-The Independence budget will have difficulty meeting the high expenditures for road and feeder road improvements, new sewers, flood control, utility installations and continued repair due to heavy traffic.

-This City of Independence has been under Federal Investigation; any projects should be looked at very carefully.

-Proposed grocery store and fueling areas for trucks increasing traffic, pollution, and more risk to road users.

What  Can We Do?

Independence Residents

If you are an Independence resident, you can sign the petition to force a vote on the issue. If you are not registered vote, you can still sign-up and get registered this month. Petitions are being circulated at:

Midwest Genealogy Center
3440 S. Lee’s Summit Road
Independence, MO 64055
Thursday April 21st
5:30 till 7:70
Sign the Petition
Notarizing anyone with petitions.

Sign the petition at Independence City Hall parking lot before the meeting at 5:30 PM this coming Monday April 18th

1. Call your City Councilman

2. Attend the 1st reading of City Council at 6pm on April 18th and the 2nd reading/ vote of the City Council at 6pm on May 2nd at:

Independence City Hall
111 E Maple Ave
Independence, MO 64050

3. Speak against the proposed development at meetings – to get on the schedule call: City Clerk (816) 325-7010

 District 1 – John Perkins Phone: (816) 325-7022
Fax: (816) 325-7012

District 2 – Brice Stewart Email:
Phone: (816) 325-7220

District 3 – Michael Steinmeyer
Phone: (816) 325-7022

District 4 – Dan Hobart Phone: (816) 325-7022

Non-Independence Residents and Businesses

Non-resident trail, road, river, and path users or area businesses who benefit from the patronage of these users, can help by writing letters or calling to voice your concerns. Please help advocate to keep this corridor beautiful and useful for those who utilize this area for recreation, fitness, and fun.

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